Basil Thai Restaurant and Bar

Just before Christmas day, I decided fly to the sunny skies and rolling hills of San Francisco to escape the misery in Vancouver. My flight arrived at night so Thai food was the closest option from where we lived. When we arrived at Basil at 9pm, the restaurant was still bustling and slammed with people inside and outside their door. After a 15 minute wait,we got a small table near the far end and compared to the Thai food in Vancouver, this was shockingly original and exploding with spiciness.

With weaved sphere lights suspended from above emitting a chic environment with intimate tables, Basil welcomes all sorts of eaters. Their menu is also decent priced and acceptable especially with their service and vibe.

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Without hesitation, I ordered the “Pad Talay Ruam Mit (USD13” consisting of prawns, calamari, mussels, red peppers, zuchini, basil, and onions tossed in a hot chilli sauce with a bowl of Jasmine rice. In Vancouver, the servers would warn you if the dish was hot…but not in San Fran. I did not expect such a lip stinging effect from the sauce but the flavour was extremely hard to resist.

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Stir fried seafood caressed and smothered in a tasty and seasoned bliss.

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The other dish was the “Kang Bpet (USD13)” which is the roast duck red curry with cherry tomatoes, a slice of fresh pineapple and a bowl of sticky rice. In the midst of a piquant sauce, the sweetness of the pineapple is delectable and welcoming.


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