Our Town Cafe

My favourite day of the week is Sunday when I go on an early coffee date with Jacky then we head to church together. We would usually go to Bonchaz for their free bun with any purchase of a beverage but we decided to switch things up a bit this time. We went the opposite way that we would usually go from the bus stop and stopped at Our Town Cafe. I loved the interior of Our Town Cafe giving me a feeling that I’m walking into some cosy and vintage coffee shop. The seats were spacious and since they have sofa couches next to the store window, we got a seat there. I felt like an old couple with Jacky.

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High ceilings and spacious. I quite like it here!

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I’m actually not a fan of straight up coffee so I decided to order a “Caramel Macchiato.” I wish I ordered a bigger size because I thought there was too much foam but everything underneath is was so good. The drink itself was warm, soothing and sweet. I am definitely coming back here for more on Sunday mornings!

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A mini balcony and short up rise in their cafe where you can sit next to the shop window and enjoy a hot coffee while looking outside.

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