The Wallflower

Probably one of the most hipster spots on Main Street. I went to The Wallflower about a month ago with my friend Elizabeth for brunch and this place is definitely the hipster place in Main Street. I’m probably wrong since I don’t live in that area and I’m not a hipster myself but The Wallflower fits quite into that category for me. What so unique about The Wallflower is that the art work on their walls change every month because they invite an artist to come in every month to display and sell their art work by hanging it on their walls. It is an innovative and engaging way to switch up the design once in awhile and for people to see creative and original pieces.

Brunch was lovely and we got plenty of summer Vancouver sunshine  at the high table near the window where we were sitting. The server was friendly and fun so I very much enjoyed my time there.

2013-08-23 13.28.10

Elizabeth had the “Omlette (CAD8.00)” with ham, mushroom, tomato and cheese that was definitely better than what I ordered. The omelette also came with a generous portion of salad, hash browns and toast. Quite the hearty breakfast and I will definitely try this if I come back next time.

2013-08-23 13.27.57

I was quite disappointed with the “Peach Waffles (CAD9.00)” with three slices of canned peaches, syrup, two waffles and whipped cream.  The waffles were soggy and drenched in syrup, the cream was already melting by the time it was served and really…canned peaches? Three slices only? Sigh…not this ever again.

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