Kyung Bok Palace

We are never coming back here any more. For our Thanksgiving feast, Jacky and I decided to go all you can eat Korean BBQ (worst decision ever made in our relationship) at Kyung Bok Palace in Richmond. I’m going to start off first with how horrible the service was – all the servers ignored us except for one girl, the staff newbie at the door forgot to put our names down for a table and walked off, and the service was slow…I might as well do it myself.  Luckily we got a couch seat in the middle of the restaurant so we weren’t as ignored as those unfortunate groups sitting in the corners.

The all you can eat was CAD20.95 per person without sushi selections, and CAD23.95 with sushi. We didn’t come to a Korean BBQ spot for sushi so we stuck with the cheaper value. Here’s one thing you guys must know – my boyfriend will eat till it is worth it, and this time he clearly screwed up. We were at Kyung Bok Palace for 2.5 hours stuffing ourselves silly with beef and pork because Jacky ordered to much. We eventually had a leftover plate of 20 or more deep fried bites that we had to throw away.

I felt so sick afterwards. Literal food coma as my stomach was slowly and painfully digesting all the beef I ate. We were so embarrassed and while we we were trying to wolf our way down the mountain of barbecued beef, we promised that …

1. We are nver going to all you can eat anywhere any more and…

2. We are never coming back to Kyung Bok Palace ever again.

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The menu looked diverse, but it really wasn’t…

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For their appetizers, I wasn’t impressed with their selections. We only had kimchi, potatoes, miso soup, radish and rice because I remember the house salad not being very fresh and the spicy rice cake was literally rice cake with Sriracha sauce on top. I was hoping for sesame fried spinach and little dried fishies. Booo…..

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This is barely anything compared to our round 2 order. Here we have pork bely, marinated beef, AAA Sirloin Beef rolls, and skewers – beef cubes with green onion, chicken and mushroom, shrimp with baby scallops and imitation crab meat, and bacon wrapped in cheese, rice cake and asparagus. I wouldn’t suggest ordering the skewers at all since they were such a hassle to cook and they didn’t taste that good.

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 At least they had the traditional Korean style potato and the radish.

2013-10-12 20.53.22

Clearly our first round was really light, then Jacky went nuts and binged ordered….

2013-10-12 21.41.18

Ugghhhh…..knocked myself out on the Skytrain home.

Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮 on Urbanspoon


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