Italian Kitchen

Any hour is wine hour. On Saturday night, my friends and I decided to drink wine and eat cake at Italian Kitchen to catch up. It is hard to get a seat at IK unless you make reservations so thankfully we got in once we arrived and the expected side was that IK was LOUD and busy. I did not like how the server told us that we had to leave at 8:45pm and when we sat down, another server told us that we had to be out by 8:30pm (not very professional). Regardless our actual server Michael, was a darling and so helpful in helping us choose our wine and cake.

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All three of my friends ordered the “Torta di Cioccolato (CAD9.95)” – flourless chocolate cake, pecan crocante, espresso gelato and caramel sauce. Apparently this dessert really complimented their pinot noir but I wouldn’t know since I don’t like red wine. I didn’t have a bite but they told me that it was creamy and chocolatey without being too heavy. The cake was soft and moist but as I can see that you better eat it fast before the ice cream melts.

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As for me since I had a glass of pinot gris and I wanted something more sour, not as milky and light. Michael suggested the “Limoncello Meringue Cheesecake (CAD9.95)” with vanilla cheesecake, lime meringue and limoncello layer. The limoncello layer and meringue balanced my pinot gris’ crispy flavour making it more exciting and pleasing to drink.

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