Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

I can’t say no to their waffles even when they are a bit more on the pricey edge. Nero was highly recommended by my friends and Urbanspoon so I went to check it out. I knew that the portions were big so I decided to not eat anything before…so I basically had waffles, ice cream and whip cream for lunch.

I was meeting my friend Janice and when we got to Nero, I was surprised by how pocket size the store is when they are quite popular amongst many Vancouverites. There were only six tables in the whole store and there’s barely any walking space. On the bright side, it is a very cosy waffle place for an intimate date.

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Even though I have a budget limit, I had to order “The Bresilienne (CAD8.95)” that is the brussels waffle stacked high with caramel glaze, hazelnut crumble, vanilla ice cream and whip cream.  I was slow on eating this and I was too full to finish my last two bites. I also liked how the waffle was still crispy and hot instead of soaked in ice cream.

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Janice ordered the “Dame Blanche” which was just as decadent as mine, but I liked my hazelnut crumble more (yum). Her heaven on a plate wasn’t as heavy loaded as mine but the whip cream was whisked to fluff and the chocolate sauce was rich.

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon


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