Sushi Garden

We’re back to sushi in Vancouver and Sushi Garden always happens to have a horrifying line up outside of their restaurant. Honestly… why? Their sushi isn’t cheap and their ingredients aren’t high quality so I always wonder why I put up with the dreadful line when there are other options such as Oyama. Like most sushi spots in Vancouver, Sushi Garden is loud, busy and crowded but popular for anyone to go. Don’t expect extremely good service because everyone just wants you to eat and leave.

The better deal at Sushi Garden are their party trays and love boats. Ordering each roll separately is pricey so many people stick with their sushi bulk and perhaps ordering an additional roll. As for Jacky and I, we went for the Medium Party tray for CAD25.

2013-09-12 14.04.01

First came all the raw goodies including salmon, tuna, hokigai (clam), ebiko (fish eggs), and cooked shrimp. I’m actually not a fan of raw salmon or tuna but Jacky said that the taste and texture was just about meeting the average standards. I only had the shrimp, hokigai and ebiko and next time I would tell them to clean the shrimp better because as you can see, there’s black stuff near the shrimp tail (ew).

2013-09-12 14.08.17

I love the “Spider Roll (CAD6.50)” so I had to order it as an additional roll on the side. My craving for soft shell crab was fulfilled after eating this roll and I think this is a must get in any sushi spot.

2013-09-12 14.08.28

Back to our party tray, this is the fat “Dynamite Roll” and “BC Roll”. These two rolls are literally stuffed with as much cucumber as possible. There’s BBQ salmon skin for the BC Roll and shrimp tempura for the Dynamite.  I think they should have left out the skin of the salmon because the slimy texture gave me goosebumps.

2013-09-12 14.10.50

Of course the usual classic and I would say “cheap” sushi was the “California Roll” and “Chopped Scallop Roll.” Need I say more? We all know what’s in these two mundane creations so I tried my best to eat the other options instead of these two.

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