Marutama Ra-Men

Out of all the ramen place in Vancouver, my social media friend Vuitton Chan loves Marutama Ra-Men. I think she can even order without looking at the menu so all this hype has influenced me to go check them out. Marutama Ra-Men reminds me of the ramen stops I have been to in Japan with the wooden benches and tables and a giant bowl of steaming ramen in front of you.

I expected a diverse menu with tons of whacky ramen selections but instead their ramen choices are more authentic and simple, just going straight to the point. I think the price was a bit over the budget for ramen noodles so this place is a only a one time go for me.

2013-09-10 14.15.13

I went for the classic and most ordinary choice of Cha-Su Ramen (CAD12.79) with seaweed, four pieces of huge pork, thin noodles, and green onions in pork bone soup. I loved the softness of the thin ramen noodles they used and the seaweed was also fresh and not the cheap ones from the packages.

2013-09-10 14.15.35

Since I couldn’t get enough of pork, I ordered an additional plate of Yaki Cha Shu…basically grilled roast pork fillet. Yes there is a difference between this cha shu and the one in my ramen because the Yaki Cha Shu had more BBQ and crunchy flavour to it whereas the one in my noodles was more soft and tender.

Marutama Ramen on Urbanspoon


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