Ebisu on Robson

Talk about over priced Japanese fusion.

My friends and I have this tradition to host massive birthday parties when one of us turns 19. By massive we mean a party with 35+ people and this time our friend Michelle held her 19th at Ebisu. I must say that 35 people crammed into the back of the restaurant was such a hassle. I actually only ordered one dish because the restaurant was just too busy and it took them an hour to make my sushi roll.

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My friend Brian ordered the “Retro Beef Tataki (CAD11.99)” and I regret not ordering it after trying a slice of beef. Ebisu’s beef sashimi was flavour bomb with garlic chips on top, ponza sauce and a bed of onions. I personally found the ponza sauce refreshing and light which gave the beef a taste kick with the onion and garlic chips.

2013-09-20 20.13.40

I think Sean won the most eye catching dish on the table with his Volcano Roll (CAD9.97). I loved the whole build up of the dish and the spicy salmon roll as the volcano mountain. On top of the mountain are fried flakes, avocado, salmon strips with tobiko and spicy sauce (I’m assuming Sriracha) erupting from the core.

2013-09-20 20.29.00

As for me I went for the recommended Samurai Power (CAD10.99) that took a whole hour to arrive. I was eating off other dishes from the table and I was pissed off. The good side was that the Samurai Power was very tasty with the BBQ unagi and red and black tobiko on the crab avocado wrap. The BBQ unagi was soft and it complimented the boring crab avocado wrap along with the unagi and wasabi cream sauce drizzled around the sushi.

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