Guu Garlic

After my visit to Guu Original, I was determined to spread out from there to search for the other Guu’s in Vancouver. Since Guu Garlic was relatively near where I was at that time of the day, my friend and I decided to pop by for lunch. We didn’t get why it was called Guu Garlic since most of our orders were severely coated with onion slices. Tuck in some mints into your pocket or bag before you come for lunch here.

The menu wasn’t that diverse with dishes containing either chicken or pork, and I’m assuming that this is because it was the lunch menu. I remember seeing diverse and tasty treats on their dinner menu, so I guess I’ll come by again for dinner next time.

2013-09-17 13.21.46

Before our mains arrived, they placed two small bite size snacks in front of us and they were delicious! What a great way to start off my lunch with green beans and eggplant marinated in sweet soy sauce and macaroni with corn bits. I also love fun sized things so maybe that’s why I enjoyed these two starters so much.

2013-09-17 13.26.05

All set lunches came with a miso soup, however all I found in my tiny bowl of soup were onions and no tofu, seaweed nor green onions…what a shame.  My friend ordered the “Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Rice (CAD8.90) with a generous piece of pork, seaweed, chopped green onions and tons of onion. Where’s the garlic? Beats me…

2013-09-17 13.26.19

As for me I ordered the “Teriyaki Chicken Bowl (CAD8.90) and to my disappoint it was onion overloaded. The teriyaki chicken was drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise, seaweed and chopped green onions. I was full after this, but the flavours were too bland and the dish lacked creativity. There wasn’t anything extra special about this dish or the lunch in general, so I think next time I should just go for dinner.

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